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Come and Sing With the OCSB Choirs!

The audition time slots have been filled. We are looking at opening another session. Please email us if you are still interested.

The OCSB Choirs program is accepting new members to apply for the 2021-2022 school year!

Who Are We?

The OCSB Choirs program is a multi-level co-ed program made up of five different groups:

Chamber Choir (Performance Level; Grades 7-12)

Children’s Choir (Performance Level; Grades 4-8)

Young Voices Choir (Intermediate Level; Grades 4-8)

Training Choir (Introductory Level; Grades 4-6)

Boys Choir (Members of the Children’s and Chamber Choirs)

The choir directors will decide which choir your child should sing with after the auditions.

Over the past 30 years, the choirs have given annual Christmas and Spring concerts and performed at various Board functions. They have been invited to many high profile events in the city at venues such as WE Day, National Arts Centre, the National Military Cemetery, the House of Commons, and are repeated trophy and scholarship winners at the Kiwanis Music Festival as well as gold and silver medalists at Musicfest Nationals.


Rehearsals for all groups take place on Monday evenings, with occasional Saturday rehearsals for some groups. The Training Choir and Young Voices choir rehearse at St. John the Apostle School at 5:45 and the Children's and Chamber Choir rehearse at St. Basil Church at 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. respectively. (Exact times TBD). Punctuality and regular attendance at rehearsals and performances, memorization of all performance material, care of choir uniform, and professional behavior at all venues are expected of all members. Rehearsals will take place outdoors at first, moving indoors (or virtual, if necessary) for the winter, according to Ottawa Public Health's direction. All members of the chamber choir must be twelve years old and double vaccinated as they will be singing indoors for the season.

How to Join the Choirs

Choir members are selected by audition, where they will be asked to sing “O Canada” and to perform other common impromptu exercises such as echo singing and clapping. The audition takes place in a very relaxed and supportive environment. All students will be notified by email of audition results. Auditions will take place on the evenings of Monday, September 13th, and Wednesday, September 15th from 4:30 - 8:45.

Where do auditions take place

Auditions will take place at St. Basil Church, at the Queensway and Maitland exit. Here is a map:


Audition Sign-Up

If your child wishes to audition for our choir program, please choose which date you would prefer from the following two dates and fill out the corresponding Google. Submit the form by September 10, 2021.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2021 - AUDITION FORM - now full - email us directly


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2001 - AUDITION FORM - now full - email us directly



If you have further questions please the directors by email at Carla.MacGregor@ocsb.ca or Patricia.Kaiser@ocsb.ca